10 Quality Travel Advices from Nomadic World Travellers

Everyone desires to travel the world and see places. Everyone wants to use a combination of land, air and water or rail transports to reach exotic places and lodge in foreign hotels. Travelling can be fun if well planned, but it can turn out scary or even cut short if things go awry. And that is why a lot of thought must go into planning any trips so that you can end up enjoying it as much as possible.

Here are 10 quality travel advices from experienced and nomadic world travellers. You’d do well to consider their advice and apply the tips towards your next trip out of state or overseas:

Quality Travel Advices from Nomadic World Travellers

Always plan ahead by making a list

Making trips require long planning ahead. The reason for this is to forestall anything that can go wrong. The best way to make a plan for your trip is to make a list of what to pack and what to do on getting to your trip destination. Plan on what you need to make the trip enjoyable and what to pack for luggage and everything else in-between. Making a list will ensure you don’t forget anything. But be flexible too.

Learn everyday language of the local place you’re going to

It is always a good idea to learn a few local words used where you’re going to. Common local language for “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” among others should be learnt beforehand to facilitate ease of mixing with the local people when you get to your destination. Locals like it when a foreign makes pitable attempts to speak their local tongue.

Get a camera with extra battery for memorable photos

You want to keep memories of your trips alive, don’t you? A portable camera will enable you to do just that. You must have an extra charged battery with you in case you are not able to recharge the working battery at the rate you’re using the camera. You can get a professional camera or use your smartphone if you’re good with it for perfect shots.

Bring along appropriate clothing

Need you be reminded that you need appropriate clothing for where you’re visiting? You must know the culture of the people you’re visiting so that you don’t wear clothes that offend their sensibilities. Be careful when visiting religious environments. And be certain to take on clothing that makes you comfortable in any weather and climate you find yourself.

Get vaccinated before you travel out

It is always best advice to get vaccinated before you leave your home country. You don’t want to get malaria or flu or even Ebola when you go on trips without appropriate vaccinations. Ensure you also take medications along with you if you are asthmatic, arthritic or suffer any medical conditions requiring constant medications. You may not get your drugs where you’re going, so get enough before you leave.

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance is an absolute necessity if you are travelling outside of your state or country. A travel insurance policy will protect you against theft of personal property, loss/misplacement of luggage, delayed or missed or cancelled flights, get caught up in local conflicts, get mugged, or just fall terribly ill. Your insurance company will compensate you against loss and arrange for you to be flown back home if you have get very ill and need specialized care.

Make photocopies of important documents

A man his passport at the passport and would not be allowed to board the plane. Airport authorities told him he would have been allowed to travel if he had brought along a photocopy of the lost passport and extra passport photos. He forfeited a $2,000 flight and wasted time in prior preparations. So it is sound advice to make photocopies of important documents as well as keep reciepts of purchases in case you ever need them.

Get a local guide to chaperon you

In case you intend to visit any local attractions at your destination, it would be sound advice to have a local guide chaperon you. A local guide understands the terrain and understands the local language as well as the cultures of the local people. So it is best to be under the guidance of a local guide who would also provide answers to your questions and help you out with safety issues where you don’t know the ways of the local people.

Have emergency numbers handy in case of safety issues

You must have the numbers of the local police on your phone as well as your hotel reception numbers in case you ever get lost or lose your way. An emergency number is also advisable in case you ever get into some trouble with the locals. A short-code number is also good for getting in touch with loved ones, the police, fire service, local guides, and any official agency of authority.

Be safety conscious and always watch out for yourself

Personal security is key wherever you go to in a foreign land. Do not display valuables in your car or in any rented car. You must not flout your wealth or make out as a wealthy person of means if you’re among the locals. You must avoid logging into your bank account or entering passwords on your mobile devices where public Wi-Fi is available.

This is to ensure that your online accounts are not compromised. You must alert your bank and credit card company if you detect any strange activity on your account or have reasons to believe your online accounts have been compromised while you’re out on a trip.

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