Proposing to a lady should not make you frightened. Now at this stage, it is assumed that you’ve found that woman you wanna walk down the aisle.
You are probably looking for the most romantic and irresistible way to present your intentions, you are at the right place.

Although, before proposing, be sure she will have a positive answer for you.
The following steps should give you an insight of what an ideal and romantic marriage proposal should look like!

How To Propose To A Woman And Get A Yes!!!


You should know that marriage is for a lifetime.You don’t wanna rush in and rush out in a twinkle of an eye.
That’s why you need to ascertain the qualities you’ve seen in your woman by talking to friends and most importantly your parents who are far more experienced than you are in the life pursuit.


Lack of confidence could obviously keep you stammering in the middle of your proposal and you just find yourself mincing words.
Be relaxed and composed. Get a massage a day before, get good sleep and most importantly, practice your lines! Yes…get those lines into your head.
You shouldn’t be swapping “I can’t imagine a life without you” for “I wish life can be better with you” odd right??? So practice.


In fact, this is the most crucial aspect. As this would depict the mood and atmosphere.You can rent a scene and get it designed by experts.

Get your family members to help out with stickers which can indicate “Please say yes to my brother” or “We want you for a wife please”.
Spice up the atmosphere with music, flowers, perfumes e.t.c. You might consider proposing on a ship, hall, restaurant, e.t.c


Ensure that your timing is okay by her. Becareful not to give her any inkling that you wanna propose. Call her and get the ring ready for action.


Yes, the deal day. Be relaxed and dress your best. Wear those lovely smiles. You might consider going on a suit or whatever makes you comfortable but good looking.

Lead your lady to the scene while you have her eyes blindfolded with a cloth. Careful not to tighten it excessively… you don’t want a proposal turning into a kidnap! Lol!!!

Take her by the hand or waist and yes dude, say those nice words to her…. “I can catch grenades for you, please be mine forever” Unbind her eyes and go on your kneels. Am sure you got a yes!!!