7 Top Ways to Generate Blogging Ideas That Pull In Actionable Readers

Ways to Generate Blogging Ideas

Blogging is a serious business. It can be very profitable but it has its own challenges. One of such challenges lies in determing what to write and how to write it. Another challenge is in finding time to write and consistency with writing. And yet another challenge is in crafting pieces that will pull in readers and bring food to the table. So this is where you need the best blogging tips to help you pull through with the blogging business as an online entrepreneur.

But these are not so difficult if you’d apply the best blogging strategies that are time-tested and reliably efficacious. These are blogging strategies fine-tuned by top search engines and developed by top world bloggers. Successful internet marketers have been using these blogging tips to keep customers coming back to their blogs and ultimately rake in more money. You too can apply these tips to generate effective writing ideas for your blog as well as keep yourself and your readers happy and motivated.

So let’s dig in with 7 top ways to generate blogging ideas that pull in actionable readers to your blog:

Ways to Generate Blogging Ideas

Curate actionable posts from other blogs

If you want to write posts for your blog but don’t know what to write, then think of content curation. This is the idea of compiling a list of favourite blog posts or ideas from other blogs into a single post. For example, researching and writing on –

  • 10 richest bloggers from northern Nigeria
  • 10 favourite business quotes to grow your business and why
  • 13 secret ways for bloggers to monetize their posts
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So you compile a list of various ideas from other blogs into a single post for your own blog readers. Your own post then becomes a listicle.

Brainstorm with your group for writing ideas

If you are ever stuck and can’t think of what to write for your blog posts, brainstorm with others. Ask other bloggers for ideas on what to write. Many bloggers have ideas they can write about but won’t ever write about, because it is not their niche. These blogger friends, online and offline friends as well as your readers can inspire you on what is trending and would benefit your readers. So ask your readers what problems they want you to solve through a solution blog post.


Interview someone to get a post to write

Interviewing someone has a lot of benefits for your blog. It helps you to write original and unique blog posts that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. It saves you the time for research because you only write answers and reactions provided by your guest. It shows that blog posts are actionable and your blog reliable since you only project the views of industry experts and professional authorities.

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Ask for guest writers/posters

You won’t believe it, but many of your readers and fellow bloggers would jump at the opportunity to write for your blog. So instead of stressing yourself on what to write, you have a pack of other great writers writing and publishing unique content for free on your site.

  • This saves you the problem of writing.
  • It shows your blog as authoritative with several contributors.
  • It provides you with fresh content from different perspectives.
  • It keeps readers engaged and involved with your blog’s success.
  • It provides you with free content that promotes your blog’s interests.

Write on best and worst case studies

Case studies provide insights into the profiles of people, businesses and companies or events. Write on examples of people or businesses or events that illustrate a point you have in mind. Write about people or businesses that failed and why they failed. And things that succeeded and why or how the success became achievable. It can even be about products – why the product succeeded or failed; what readers or potential customers can learn from them; and how to model a similar success after these products.

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Write product/service reviews

Write product or service reviews within your own niche; something to interest and help your readers make informed choices. As an internet blogger or marketer, you can write about web hosting services and which ones are good or bad or recommended for new users based on certain factors. You can write about your own experience using these services and how it has impacted your business journey and what others can gain or watch out for in the products/services.


Share your success and failures to motivate your readers

Are you still stuck with knowing what to write for your blog and readers? Write about your experiences in the blogging business and your foray into online entrepreneurship. Write about what motivated you to take up online blogging and why you thought you had a lot to share with readers worldwide. Share the lessons you have gained along the way and the step-by-step actions that got you where you are. Share your biggest challenges and what you learned from them or how you overcame them. Talk about how you began making money online and how your readers or other bloggers can model their endeavours on your own experiences.

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