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What Blogging Is All About

Well, blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. Of course, there are millions of blogs out there but that’s nothing, you can make yours outstanding.

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and a cool way to share information with others. As you blog, you become a better person and a better writer too.
How To Start A Blog
The most loveable thing in blogging apart from passion is the opportunity to make money easily. Yes! I call that “Reward For Passion“.
Creating your own blog isn’t a difficult task but can take probably up to 40 minutes.

Blogging is one of the sweetest occupation ever because it has to do with your passion.
To successfully create your own blog, you will have to follow the below steps properly.

Step One — Blogging Platform

Choosing the platform you want to use is the thing you have to do. There are literarily thousands of blogging platform available whether free or paid.
Although I might not be able to list all but I will make sure I list out the good ones.


You probably might have heard of WordPress. I greatly recommend using this platform.
There are over 100 million active users of WordPress. WordPress is easy to set up. There are lots of free themes available, that’s if you are not ready to purchase a premium theme for now.
On WordPress, your content can be shared, commented on and more.

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Blogger is one of the mostly used. It is easy to create and design. No coding knowledge is required except you choose to design your own template.
This is the best alternative to WordPress, I must say!
Here’s an article on how to set up your blog on Blogger, give it a read:
How to set up your blog on Blogger from scratch
Some other platforms are:

  • Tumblr — Half social network, half blog. Very simple to use.
  • BlogMr — A cool and easy to use platform.
  • WordPress.Com — Don’t be confused! This is different from the wordpress I mentioned earlier. It is like Blogger and not advanced like the other WordPress. The difference between the two is that this one is “.com” while the other is “ .org“.
  • Step Two — Hosting

    Haven’t chose your platform, you will have to decide if you’re going to host or not.
    Calm down, this could be the biggest decision you’ll have to make as a beginner. You will have to decide whether to be paying for your blog or use a free one.
    Some of the platform I listed above are free. Platform like Blogger, Tumble and are free. But they have their little disadvantages too.

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    You DON’T OWN your blog
    The truth is bitter they say, but I must let you know about this. You don’t actually own your blog. It’s just hosted on someone’s web property and you might be in soup if they choose to delete it.
    This is no longer a new thing. They have done so in the past and will keep doing it. All your hardwork, blog posts, comments will go down the drain if your blog eventually gets deleted or the company shuts down.

    With a self hosted blog, you are the real owner. You decide what happens to it, whether to close down or continue.
    There are some affordable hosting available. You can check Namecheap and choose the plan you can afford.

    Step Three — Get A Domain

    Domain is basically the URL of your website. Example: ( is the domain). It’s pretty simple! There are different domain formats. Like .com, .net, .uk,, .website, .fm and so on.

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    A good domain could take your blog a million miles. There are some things you need to know about choosing domain names.
    Your domain name should be easily spelled. Some people do use long domain name as if it’s a sentence.

    No! It shoudn’t be. These days, nobody wants to waste his/her time opening a long website address.
    You can get your domain at Godaddy or you can also check Namecheap

    Step Three — Choose Your Blog Niche

    It’s one thing to choose your platform and it’s another thing to choose your niche.
    If you’re an individual, pick a topic of your choice! Pick a topic you truly enjoy. Pick something you can talk about for a long time to come.

    For instance, if you love talking about relationships, you can pick Relationship Tips as your niches. It’s not a good idea to copy contents from other sites.
    Remember, a blog requires a lot of content to get going and remain interesting.


    And that’s it! Simple, right? If you have any questions or contributions, please don’t hesitate to drop it below.

    Written by Moses Osasota

    I'm a professional blogger with more than 10 years experience. I teach people ways of being a successful blogger just like me.


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