How To Propose To A Woman And Get A Yes!!!

How To Propose To A Woman And Get A Yes!!!

Proposing to a lady should not make you frightened. Now at this stage, it is assumed that you’ve found that woman you wanna walk down the aisle.
You are probably looking for the most romantic and irresistible way to present your intentions, you are at the right place.

Although, before proposing, be sure she will have a positive answer for you.
The following steps should give you an insight of what an ideal and romantic marriage proposal should look like!

How To Propose To A Woman And Get A Yes!!!


You should know that marriage is for a lifetime.You don’t wanna rush in and rush out in a twinkle of an eye.
That’s why you need to ascertain the qualities you’ve seen in your woman by talking to friends and most importantly your parents who are far more experienced than you are in the life pursuit.


Lack of confidence could obviously keep you stammering in the middle of your proposal and you just find yourself mincing words.
Be relaxed and composed. Get a massage a day before, get good sleep and most importantly, practice your lines! Yes…get those lines into your head.
You shouldn’t be swapping “I can’t imagine a life without you” for “I wish life can be better with you” odd right??? So practice.


In fact, this is the most crucial aspect. As this would depict the mood and atmosphere.You can rent a scene and get it designed by experts.

Get your family members to help out with stickers which can indicate “Please say yes to my brother” or “We want you for a wife please”.
Spice up the atmosphere with music, flowers, perfumes e.t.c. You might consider proposing on a ship, hall, restaurant, e.t.c


Ensure that your timing is okay by her. Becareful not to give her any inkling that you wanna propose. Call her and get the ring ready for action.


Yes, the deal day. Be relaxed and dress your best. Wear those lovely smiles. You might consider going on a suit or whatever makes you comfortable but good looking.

Lead your lady to the scene while you have her eyes blindfolded with a cloth. Careful not to tighten it excessively… you don’t want a proposal turning into a kidnap! Lol!!!

Take her by the hand or waist and yes dude, say those nice words to her…. “I can catch grenades for you, please be mine forever” Unbind her eyes and go on your kneels. Am sure you got a yes!!!

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

So you are probably going nuts over that girl’s lips and you just don’t know how to say it.
Fantasizing about kissing someone can be weird but you’ll feel relaxed once you’ve achieved it.

Kissing is an intimate way of communicating your feelings for someone, but once you are turned down, it can be very pathetic.

There are different approaches to making a girl wanna kiss you.
In all, you’ll need to learn and know all of the following:


Come on, you ain’t writing an exam, there’s no need to fret.
Be relaxed and confident.Clear all doubts that she’s gonna turn you down and be focused.
Call her up and inform her you’ll like to meet up and discuss or probably any occasion you think might bring you two together.


This is really important, you shouldn’t expect a girl to be excited about kissing you in a public place especially since you know she’s been reluctant towards kissing you.
You should make sure where you plan to kiss her is as romantic and resplendent as possible. Even if you can’t get a beautiful place to serenade her, you can make do with what you have by eliminating offensive odour from the place, dirts and heat.


You would agree with me that there’s nothing more that turns off someone from kissing than “bad breath” It’s simply disgusting.
No one wanna kiss that mouth that keeps oozing out repulsive and choking smell.
Brush your teeth well, basically twice a day (morning and night). Ensure you make use of mouth sprays if it’s so serious.

This might be the reason your crush is turned off, but would not let you know. After a shower, wear nice perfumes and avoid sweating excessively.
Try chewing a mint gum an hour before kissing her, don’t forget to throw it off before you meet with her, you don’t want your gum to become your Achilles heel. LOL!!


When you’re finally with her, lock eyes with her once in a while. Smile regularly while you try bringing up a topic that wouldn’t last long.

Do not begin to talk about the latest trend of jean now available in the market.That’s just not it. Talk about something relating to the situation.
For example, “seeing you now just makes me feel uneasy yet fulfilled“. “Your presence makes the atmosphere romantic“.
You might get her laughing or smiling shyly and then you are on it dude!!!


Before doing this, keep complimenting her. Tell her “You are so beautiful” “your face makes me think of a blossoming flower”.

I bet she might smile and then kiss her on the side of her lips gently. Watch her reaction, if she doesn’t seem angry proceed to her forehead and if she’s still calm, place a hand on her chin and say “I wanna resist but I just can’t” stare at her so intensely that she’ll be helpless.


Don’t be in a hurry to chop off those lips. Be very polite and sweet. Go close to her, open your lips a bit and kiss her passionately while pressing your lips first, if she reciprocates the kiss, consider stroking with your tongue and that’s it!
I’ll love to hear your experiences in the comments.

10 Things That Attracts Girls In Guys

Dudes, listen up! Girls are delicate in a way! In the aspect of love girls take extra strategy to fall for a guy.
However, girls are usually moved by words. Unfortunately, most guys think the only thing that’s capable of winning a girl’s love is “money“, but that’s totally not true.

As a matter of fact, wealth can only buy you a woman’s attention not her love. There are weird things that attracts girls to certain guys. If you are looking for the most effective way to get a lady falling helplessly in love with you, then this article will surely be of a great help!

The following are the 10 things girls find irresistible in guys:


A guy who doesn’t take life too serious appears really attractive in that, humour is an admired and cherished attribute in guys. It’s actually boring to sit with a guy for an hour or two and there are no jokes or comic scene in between discussions.

A humongous sense of humour appeals to a girl’s heart. Also, guys who are good with jokes tend to have more female friends. And of course everyone loves being happy so who wouldn’t be attracted to the one who brings out this laughter and ectasy in you?

Being funny doesn’t mean cracking jokes that’s more like a cliche or an already known joke that’s not likely to pull any fun. Being funny is actually being yourself, reacting to funny situations excitedly rather than being impassive and unmoved. Every girl loves a funny guy.


You don’t have to be the the chef of that famous restaurant in China before you can give your girlfriend a nice breakfast or lunch. Girls love guys that express interest in cooking, it’s simply amazing when a guy prepares something edible and says “does it taste good”?

A reasonable girl would feel humbled and really attracted to you even when the meal is an embodiment of error.
Seriously, a gesture of care is just all that matters. Go ahead and give her breakfast in bed, but do not serve a main course meal in bed. Desserts are just appropriate, Ladies admire the kitchen guys!!


Girls really find these type of guys attractive. Although not everyone likes to be sketched, but it’s actually very romantic to ladies.

Doing this to a girl makes her feel special and honoured, she’ll gradually become attracted to you especially when the art work is really professional and identical.
You can’t imagine the feeling of ectasy that goes on in the mind of a girl drawn by a guy! It’s weird but effective.


Most girls if not all prefer to be at the front of a guy playing with those guitar strings than in a classroom writing an exam.

A guy who sings well has a great advantage. Music appeals to the ears, the soul, the mind and even to the body. Singing for a girl is a romantic and most beautiful thing a guy can do (a guy with a good voice).

However, singing is not the only musical thing girls find attractive in guys. Dexterity or skill in playing musical instruments is attractive.
Seeing a guy stroke those guitar strings with so much ardour or a keyboardist professionally play the keyboard is so eye-catching.


The unarguable fact is that intelligent people are the most admired in any academic gathering. To girls,every intelligent guy is a handsome guy.
Ladies just love guys with focus, guys with proper tenses, guys who are figurative and innovative.

An intelligent guy would normally have fleets of girls flocking around him, it’s really captivating.

Intelligence makes a girl blinded to a guy’s looks actually, especially when the guy in question contributes positively to the lady’s academics.
An excellent and outstanding intelligent quotient is an admired attribute any girl would admire in a guy.

Infact, it’s enough to trigger love. Seeing how much a guy studies convinces a lady that such a guy is smart and problem-solving.

However, I am not saying unintelligent guys have no chances with being attractive to a girl, there are so many ways to look smart and brilliant.
Some of which are:

  • Talking less and reasonably
  • Studying
  • Making friends with intelligent guys
  • Dressing smart, etc.

Work on your intelligence and start counting the number of girls begging for your acquaintance.


Confidence is the most sexy attribute a guy can ever have. Even when a guy is not buoyant or good looking and he’s confident of himself, he has done a lot already!

Lack of confidence turns off a lady. For instance, when you stand to express your feelings for a girl and you practically make an obvious move by saying “hello miss, please… just a second“.
She might be kind enough to stop and listen and then you just lose confidence and start shivering while stuttering words like a kid saying “I….I….I….em…” Nah nah nah!

That’s just not it. Lack of confidence makes you feel other people are better than you are (inferiority complex) ladies are attracted to guys who compose themselves and appear relaxed and certain!


A well trimmed body attracts. A guy who constantly works out to stay fit and healthy is likely to attract more ladies than that guy with a baggy tummy who practically eats every hour.
A manly body built with muscles keeps you feeling strong and healthy with a lot of self confidence.


It is always good to love your self wholeheartedly before you crave for the love of another. Genuine love for yourself as a guy makes you enjoy yourself to the fullest.

You’ll be living life with no complain and grudge, you’ll not blame yourself too much for petty issues. You’ll never compare yourself to others if you truly love yourself.

You’ll make the best out of everything you do. You’ll be totally attractive when you do this.


Trust me, when you avoid those colour riots and appear your best you’ll really be getting attention.
A properly dressed guy is admired greatly by the ladies, that well ironed suit and well polished shoe is just sexy and inviting!


A cool and irresistible fragrance feels warm and exciting to a lady. It’s just like the scent of a rose flower or lavender.

Guys with proper hygiene and sweet scent appeals to ladies. A choking and repugnant smell turns a girl off.

Also, good smell brings this feeling of warmth to the atmosphere and spices it up. Do not wear harsh perfumes, instead get a cool one that keeps you totally irresistible!

10 Things That Kills Trust In A Relationship

Relationships built on mistrust can be very fragile and easily broken. Even so, a relationship that has over the years gone smoothly and problem-free is still not guaranteed to work if one of the partner does some or all of these 10 things below.

However, trust takes time to build and once broken, it’s really difficult to retain.
Sincerely speaking, once you’ve given someone a reason to mistrust you, it’s sad to say you might not be trusted again by that person 100%.

That’s why you should jettison all acts that reduces the trust your partner or spouse has in you. The following are some of the things that’s very capable of reducing trust:


This slowly kills relationships,alters the level of trust and eventually breaks up the relationship you have with your partner. In fact, when you constantly hide to do various things like making calls, sending text messages, chatting, you are giving your partner a reason to suspect you.

It’s likely that when you started your relationship you weren’t a taciturn and reticent person, suddenly you become reserved in words, not willing to share issues, always saying “I’m fine” wherein the actual sense you ain’t fine, it really rips that trust your partner has in you.

So stop it with the secrets. You should not keep secrets from the one you love, no matter what. At the end, it leads to nothing but catastrophe and hurts.


Telling lies to your partner is not an ideal thing to do if you don’t want them getting hurt. Be truthful, always say the right thing.
Initially, a lie might sooth an ache, but subsequently when your partner finds out, you kill the trust they have in you.

Overtime, they start seeing you as someone who never tells the truth and the day you tend to say the truth, it appears as a lie to your partner, so the convenient thing is always being truthful on issues affecting your relationship.


Romance is an integral aspect of a relationship, once taken away,has negative effects on that partner who might be a victim.

When you constantly snap at your partner at every move they take towards romancing you, you basically give such partner a reason to mistrust you.
It’s a warning sign that either of them is a cheat. Do not incessantly complain of fatigue to your partner.In all, learn to be responsive to each other’s needs so as to clear all doubts and mistrust.


Complaining on daily basis is just simply annoying. Apart from the fact that it puts either partner off, it simply causes trust issues in a relationship.
You keep your partner wondering about your fidelity. So stop nagging and putting blames on each other, instead settle your differences and move on. No one is a saint.


Oh yes! When last did you give a call to that person you claim to love? Communication is what keeps a relationship going. Communication is to a relationship what fuel is to a car. So why should you alter your communication with your partner?

As often as possible try to keep in touch. Not keeping in touch with your partner leads to misunderstandings which eventually leads to mistrust.
If you no longer get in touch with your partner, you give he or she an impression that you don’t have them in mind which leads to doubts and uncertainty in relationships causing trust problems.


Holding your phone always and preventing your partner from handling it gives an impression of mistrust. Even at night, you keep your phone beneath a pillow and at dawn, you take it practically with you to the bathroom.

You become extra conscious of calls and pings entering your phone. Come on! You are giving your partner a reason to suspect you and you are killing trust.


You promise him or her you gonna get a ticket for you two to see a movie. All of a sudden, you come up with a flimsy excuse to jettison the already planned outing. It just annoys and reduces trust level. Promises should not be made if you can’t fufil them. Don’t raise the hope of your partner and crumble it in a twinkle of an eye.

Breaking a promise cannot only be hurting but also devastating and harmful. Incessantly breaking your promises kills trust.


No matter how we look at it,cheating on someone once kills trust immediately. Even though you were accepted back the trust can never be whole again.
Everyday of your relationship your partner would struggle to bring back the trust he/she once had in you, but it’s nearly impossible to get that same trust back.

Betraying someone you love leaves a stigma of hatred on the victim. They might never trust you again.
Trust is like a paper, once crumbled it can never really become perfect again. Cheating on your partner kills trust to the fullest.


Arrogance as a concept creates doubts and doubts kills trust. There are people who believe they are infallible and as such they do not make mistakes.
Such people refuse corrections by their partners or might even get raged by an attempt to correct them. These kind of people are more likely to suffer trust issues.

Pride is the reason you do not feel remorseful after offending your partner and so you cause them to mistrust you and say hurtful words. Arrogance can kill trust in numerous ways, it’s best to avoid it.


When you no longer see the need to make time for your partner, you are always busy all round the clock, you are killing trust.

And gradually, you two just become distant from each other, with time you’ll realize you do not even understand yourselves anymore.

Constantly seeking to be left alone instigates fear and doubt in the mind of your partner and eventually kills that trust you’ve taken time to build and nurture.

4 Important Tips You Should Know Before Going For An Interview

He releases you from the interview and as you go back home, you slap yourself, wondering, “Why did I say that?” The damage is done. You never hear back. And the opportunity goes to someone who’s CV wasn’t as impressive as yours but unknown to you, that person had polished job interview skills.

If only you knew the right things to do. If only you knew the right words to say and how to compose yourself after you got stumped… you could have landed the job.
Here are some essential tips to help you prepare effectively.

Tip 1: Be Polite And Manage Your Nerves

Nothing on earth can prevent you feeling what you feel but if you have a framework of good manners, if you look good and are well-prepared, if you know how to behave and have practiced this situation, then all you need to manage your physical and emotional feeling is to “Calm yourself down a little, by breathing a little more deeply and getting your attention off your mind, through your body and out into the room.

  • Consciously slow your speech and deepen voice tone early in the interview at the more formal part; you van lighten up later when rapport has been established.
  • Follow their lead on matters of etiquette; don’t rush into the coffee; be sure to acknowledge everyone in the room; no need to be obsequious.

Tip 2: Be Prepared and stay Professional

Depending on the skill of the interview(s) the warm up period may be just passing time and you may get some trivial but unexpected questions.
As things proceed there could be any number of interviewing styles deployed and whatever happens your beat strategy is to remain resolutely the profession you are.

  • Watch out for really indulgent interviewers who encourage your negative traits and give you enough rope to hang yourself; never start swearing, criticising or giving away secrets or your present employer
  • ALWAYS stay with this truth: it is not the question that matters, nor is it your answer; it is what is behind the question and what the answer reveals about you
  • Be ready for relative trivia like “What’s your idea of a great weekend” or unexpected openers: “Why do you like the look of this job”
  • Prepare answers to any trick question you foile think of, things like “Why do you want to leave your present job” and “What are your worst weaknesses ”
  • In moments of temporary confusion you can ask them what is behind a particular question, “Could you clarify what you’d like to learn here”
  • Aggressive interviewers are probably just acting and looking for your response; staying calm and professional will impress them the most and if they really do try to belittle you take the initiative with a counter question of your own
  • Do not try out any manipulation techniques you learned in sales training or elsewhere; many interviewers have been trained to notice and counter these and some organizations will immediately reject you

Tip 3: Leave a Positive final impression

The way you say goodbye can leave a good impression for when they about you afterwards.

Make sure that your handshake and smile are really warm and say something about how stimulating you found the interview.
If in these final word you can include some brilliant phrase that summarizes the path of the interview, again without leaning too hard on their patience, then that would be in your favour too.

Maybe something such as “I really like your plan for the new product rollout strategy; it’s just kind of thing I have been working towards in the last two years…” they might, after you leave, be scoring the interview to help them distinguish each candidate; a memorable or comment helps them to do thay – and it doesn’t have to be spectacular.

Tip 4: You do not need to send “Thank You Letters”

In a world of automation and sophistication when you are dealing with trained, experienced and professional recruiters – it is dumb to believe that you will actually persuade them to select you instead if a better candidate simply because you have good manners.

If you are close to being recruited, you might just make the judgement call that a letter to jog their memory would be useful and show strength of interest. If so, send it by email and kepp it incredibly brief.

How To Start Your Own Blog And Make Money From It — Simple Guides

What Blogging Is All About

Well, blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. Of course, there are millions of blogs out there but that’s nothing, you can make yours outstanding.

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and a cool way to share information with others. As you blog, you become a better person and a better writer too.
How To Start A Blog
The most loveable thing in blogging apart from passion is the opportunity to make money easily. Yes! I call that “Reward For Passion“.
Creating your own blog isn’t a difficult task but can take probably up to 40 minutes.

Blogging is one of the sweetest occupation ever because it has to do with your passion.
To successfully create your own blog, you will have to follow the below steps properly.

Step One — Blogging Platform

Choosing the platform you want to use is the thing you have to do. There are literarily thousands of blogging platform available whether free or paid.
Although I might not be able to list all but I will make sure I list out the good ones.


You probably might have heard of WordPress. I greatly recommend using this platform.
There are over 100 million active users of WordPress. WordPress is easy to set up. There are lots of free themes available, that’s if you are not ready to purchase a premium theme for now.
On WordPress, your content can be shared, commented on and more.


Blogger is one of the mostly used. It is easy to create and design. No coding knowledge is required except you choose to design your own template.
This is the best alternative to WordPress, I must say!
Here’s an article on how to set up your blog on Blogger, give it a read:
How to set up your blog on Blogger from scratch
Some other platforms are:

  • Tumblr — Half social network, half blog. Very simple to use.
  • BlogMr — A cool and easy to use platform.
  • WordPress.Com — Don’t be confused! This is different from the wordpress I mentioned earlier. It is like Blogger and not advanced like the other WordPress. The difference between the two is that this one is “.com” while the other is “ .org“.
  • Step Two — Hosting

    Haven’t chose your platform, you will have to decide if you’re going to host or not.
    Calm down, this could be the biggest decision you’ll have to make as a beginner. You will have to decide whether to be paying for your blog or use a free one.
    Some of the platform I listed above are free. Platform like Blogger, Tumble and are free. But they have their little disadvantages too.

    You DON’T OWN your blog
    The truth is bitter they say, but I must let you know about this. You don’t actually own your blog. It’s just hosted on someone’s web property and you might be in soup if they choose to delete it.
    This is no longer a new thing. They have done so in the past and will keep doing it. All your hardwork, blog posts, comments will go down the drain if your blog eventually gets deleted or the company shuts down.

    With a self hosted blog, you are the real owner. You decide what happens to it, whether to close down or continue.
    There are some affordable hosting available. You can check
    Namecheap and choose the plan you can afford.

    Step Three — Get A Domain

    Domain is basically the URL of your website. Example: ( is the domain). It’s pretty simple! There are different domain formats. Like .com, .net, .uk,, .website, .fm and so on.

    A good domain could take your blog a million miles. There are some things you need to know about choosing domain names.
    Your domain name should be easily spelled. Some people do use long domain name as if it’s a sentence.

    No! It shoudn’t be. These days, nobody wants to waste his/her time opening a long website address.
    You can get your domain at Godaddy or you can also check Namecheap

    Step Three — Choose Your Blog Niche

    It’s one thing to choose your platform and it’s another thing to choose your niche.
    If you’re an individual, pick a topic of your choice! Pick a topic you truly enjoy. Pick something you can talk about for a long time to come.

    For instance, if you love talking about relationships, you can pick Relationship Tips as your niches. It’s not a good idea to copy contents from other sites.
    Remember, a blog requires a lot of content to get going and remain interesting.


    And that’s it! Simple, right? If you have any questions or contributions, please don’t hesitate to drop it below.

    10 Quality Travel Advices from Nomadic World Travellers

    Everyone desires to travel the world and see places. Everyone wants to use a combination of land, air and water or rail transports to reach exotic places and lodge in foreign hotels. Travelling can be fun if well planned, but it can turn out scary or even cut short if things go awry. And that is why a lot of thought must go into planning any trips so that you can end up enjoying it as much as possible.

    Here are 10 quality travel advices from experienced and nomadic world travellers. You’d do well to consider their advice and apply the tips towards your next trip out of state or overseas:

    Quality Travel Advices from Nomadic World Travellers

    Always plan ahead by making a list

    Making trips require long planning ahead. The reason for this is to forestall anything that can go wrong. The best way to make a plan for your trip is to make a list of what to pack and what to do on getting to your trip destination. Plan on what you need to make the trip enjoyable and what to pack for luggage and everything else in-between. Making a list will ensure you don’t forget anything. But be flexible too.

    Learn everyday language of the local place you’re going to

    It is always a good idea to learn a few local words used where you’re going to. Common local language for “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” among others should be learnt beforehand to facilitate ease of mixing with the local people when you get to your destination. Locals like it when a foreign makes pitable attempts to speak their local tongue.

    Get a camera with extra battery for memorable photos

    You want to keep memories of your trips alive, don’t you? A portable camera will enable you to do just that. You must have an extra charged battery with you in case you are not able to recharge the working battery at the rate you’re using the camera. You can get a professional camera or use your smartphone if you’re good with it for perfect shots.

    Bring along appropriate clothing

    Need you be reminded that you need appropriate clothing for where you’re visiting? You must know the culture of the people you’re visiting so that you don’t wear clothes that offend their sensibilities. Be careful when visiting religious environments. And be certain to take on clothing that makes you comfortable in any weather and climate you find yourself.

    Get vaccinated before you travel out

    It is always best advice to get vaccinated before you leave your home country. You don’t want to get malaria or flu or even Ebola when you go on trips without appropriate vaccinations. Ensure you also take medications along with you if you are asthmatic, arthritic or suffer any medical conditions requiring constant medications. You may not get your drugs where you’re going, so get enough before you leave.

    Buy travel insurance

    Travel insurance is an absolute necessity if you are travelling outside of your state or country. A travel insurance policy will protect you against theft of personal property, loss/misplacement of luggage, delayed or missed or cancelled flights, get caught up in local conflicts, get mugged, or just fall terribly ill. Your insurance company will compensate you against loss and arrange for you to be flown back home if you have get very ill and need specialized care.

    Make photocopies of important documents

    A man his passport at the passport and would not be allowed to board the plane. Airport authorities told him he would have been allowed to travel if he had brought along a photocopy of the lost passport and extra passport photos. He forfeited a $2,000 flight and wasted time in prior preparations. So it is sound advice to make photocopies of important documents as well as keep reciepts of purchases in case you ever need them.

    Get a local guide to chaperon you

    In case you intend to visit any local attractions at your destination, it would be sound advice to have a local guide chaperon you. A local guide understands the terrain and understands the local language as well as the cultures of the local people. So it is best to be under the guidance of a local guide who would also provide answers to your questions and help you out with safety issues where you don’t know the ways of the local people.

    Have emergency numbers handy in case of safety issues

    You must have the numbers of the local police on your phone as well as your hotel reception numbers in case you ever get lost or lose your way. An emergency number is also advisable in case you ever get into some trouble with the locals. A short-code number is also good for getting in touch with loved ones, the police, fire service, local guides, and any official agency of authority.

    Be safety conscious and always watch out for yourself

    Personal security is key wherever you go to in a foreign land. Do not display valuables in your car or in any rented car. You must not flout your wealth or make out as a wealthy person of means if you’re among the locals. You must avoid logging into your bank account or entering passwords on your mobile devices where public Wi-Fi is available.

    This is to ensure that your online accounts are not compromised. You must alert your bank and credit card company if you detect any strange activity on your account or have reasons to believe your online accounts have been compromised while you’re out on a trip.

    7 Financial Tips to Help You Save More and Spend Less in Every Situation

    Financial Tips

    It is true and obvious that this year is winding down, but that shouldn’t affect your financial goals for the year. Many people started this year with great financial objectives, but they have unfortunately not even begun working to actualize them. This has made this year unproductive for them and the coming years uncertain. But it doesn’t have to be if they will learn the wisdom of how to save more and spend less in life.

    We are going to examine 7 financial tips that can get you out of debts into financial freedom. This is not really about making more money…even though it is certain that is what you’re eager to hear. The truth is that there is no point making more money if money escapes your fingers; there is no point getting more if it doensn’t stay with you. This piece is almost everything you need to know about making and keeping money for personal freedom and lifetime happiness.

    Here are 7 financial tips to help you save more and spend less in every situation:

    Financial Tips

    1. Making money and keeping money require active proactiveness

    One of the first lessons you will have learnt in life is that it is not easy to make money. The second lesson is that it is not easy to keep or save money. Reasons are that money doesn’t grow on trees, and human wants are unlimited. So to make and keep money requires personal efforts and will, and this is where self-discipline and financial education comes in. No one will offer you free money or help you to save money. So you must start dedicating all your strenght today to making and saving as much as you can.

    1. Ask for the wisdom of others in making and saving money

    If there is one lesson you must learn in life, it is this: there is always a better way to do something. There is always a better way to make more money and to save more money. You can learn this better way by asking others how they are able to overcome financial struggles. You can speak to finance experts, money teachers, investment gurus, astute businessmen, minimalist housewives, and aged investors. Tap into their knowledge of how they earn and apply money to every situation to keep them above board.

    1. Create more sources of revenues

    Do you know why the sea is never dried up? It is largely because hundred other rivers empty into the sea. You can’t achieve much in life with only one source of income…what of if anything happens to the source? Nigeria is now trying to diversify into other sources of revenue generation due to fears that the oil wells are drying up. What will happen if Nigeria no longer has exportable oil? You need at least four sustainable sources of income to be able to achieve financial independence anywhere in the world.

    1. Strive to always spend less without compromising values

    One of the best ways to spend less is to differentiate between needs and wants. Needs are what you cannot do without such as food, clothing, rent/mortgage, education, etc; wants on the other hand are desires for latest smartphones, trendy wears, junk foods, exotic cars and vacations, etc. You must always spend on what you NEED RIGHT NOW and never on what you might need next year. You must always buy what provides immediate value and satisfaction and never on what you see others buy or desire. And one more thing: always buy from the cheapest source. And another thing: always postpone what you don’t need urgently.

    1. Own capital by being a business owner

    Need that be explained more? Be in control of factors that generate money. Be in control of machineries and systems that produce incomes. Be in charge of people that work to make you richer and put food on your table. Be in control of situations that ultimately yeild cash. Own businesses and be in control of factors of production. You can’t be a millionaire by being a salary earner. But you can be a millionaire by paying others to work for you. You can only be financially independent when you have people work to pay you, and not when you labour to pay others as an employee.

    1. Stay out of debt and learn how to manage debt

    Debt has a spirit of its own. There is something demonic about being a perpetual debtor. And it could also be a case of plain stupidity and lack of financial education. According to Ajamu Loving, Ph.D, Professor of Finance at The American College of Financial Services, “Without a strategic debt management plan, you will likely continue to accrue debt which puts you further behind and makes it harder to escape. However, debt management is also just as much about avoiding future debt and looking for areas to cut back spending or at least, spend smarter.”

    1. Let married couples make money but live on the income of only one spouse

    That is plain enough. Before you go into marriage, ensure you are earning good money and your spouse is also earning good money. Then after marriage, ensure you keep the family running on the income of one spouse while the income of the other spouse goes into saving for future projects. Try to base home expenses and needs on the income of only one spouse, and then save up the income of the other spouse for future needs and projects that would ensure comfortable retirement and future wealth.